Lubix introduces revolutionary new cube design

by Shelley Chang, The Carrot staff writer

(DENVER) – Cubing blogs are buzzing over Lubix’s latest cube offering, the Lubix Evolution. Lubix CEO Donovan Cline unveiled the prototype of the revolutionary design yesterday at the Denver Cube Convention to the excitement of cubers around the world.

The Lubix Evolution features several improvements to reduce popping and enhance speed. It is made of components from three different Dayan cube types and contains over 50 internal pieces. It is the first 3×3 design to feature more internal pieces than external pieces. The entire internal mechanism is finished off with a liberal application of Lubix’s proprietary blend of silicone oils.

Cline gave us an overview of the mechanism. “These here are the supertorpedoes. There are two per edge piece and three per corner, and all of them interlock with the pieces and each other in such a way such that separating them is impossible.”

Even unscrewing the center pieces won’t work on this model; Cline has added a tab under the center caps to block access to the screws. He explains that consumers will not need to adjust the tension on their cubes, as he personally sets each cube to the perfect tension. “When inexperienced cubers try to set the tension on their own cubes, you get inconsistent tensions and the consumer is rarely satisfied with the end result.”

Lubix is calling the Evolution the most perfect cube ever made. “We try to put features in cubes that consumers don’t even realize they want yet,” said Cline. It is also virtually unbreakable unless dropped or hit.

Indeed, this new product is already on plenty of cubers’ wishlists this Christmas, although it will not be on sale for another two months. “I’ll buy any cube as long as it’s fast and made by Lubix,” said convention attendee Greg Higby.

The Lubix Evolution will retail for $50 when released in October.