12-Year-Old Unveils Revolutionary New Method, Discovers It Is Just Petrus

by Shelley Chang, The Carrot staff writer

(TORONTO) – 12 year old Nick Kalman excitedly unveiled his revolutionary new solving method at the Canadian Open last Saturday to an audience of Canada’s best cubers. Asked about the story behind the method, Kalman explained “I started cubing a few months ago, and learned about this method called ‘Fredrich’ or something, that’s supposed to make you faster. I looked it up, and it was just hundreds of algorithms. I tried memorizing them, but it was too hard. So I started playing around with other ways instead, and came up with a new way to do F2L.”

Kalman’s new method eschews the traditional cross and involves building blocks of adjacent pieces until two layers are solved. “I think this method really has potential. I haven’t figured out all the algorithms yet, but I’m sure it’s capable of sub-20 times. Everybody starts with a cross; this method is very unique.”

Other cubers are less inclined to agree with that statement. American cuber Dae Young Yoon commented, “Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be switching from Fridrich, but this really isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. It’s just another block building method. You could just use Petrus.”

Lars Petrus of Sweden could not be reached for comment. His eponymous method is well established and has been used by many to solve the cube for the first time.